2018 Ventura County 40th Annual AA Convention
"I Stood In The Sunlight At Last"

I've Never Had it So Good., Thank God for AA!

AA Marathons

If you want to host a meeting, let us know what time slot you want and name of your group.  Reservations are first come - first served.

Send requests to [email protected]

Time Host       City Topic           
12:00 Noon Serenity Gals   Thousand OaksEnjoying Life
1:00 P.M. Women in the Solution Newbury Park There is a Solution
2:00 P.M. Visions Noon Group Thousand OaksNot a Glum Lot
3:00 P.M. Men's Wednesday nightCamarilloCame to believe
4:00 P.M. Wed. Night Women's Group CamarilloPatience and Tolerance
5:00 P.M.Spiritual Discussion GroupSimi Valley Projection-Wreckage of the Future
6:00 P.M. Staying Alive Discussion GroupNewbury ParkOpen Mindedness / Willingness
7:00 P.M. Visions Sober Happy HourThousand OaksPrinciples before Personalities
8:00 P.M.Moorpark Discussion GroupMoorparkEarly Sobriety 
9:00 P.M. Friday Night Men's 12 & 12Westlake VillageWorking with Others
10:00 P.M. Attitude Adjustment GroupNewbury Park Commitments / Service 
11:00 P.M. Knights of the Roundtable Men's StagThousand OaksFellowship 
MIDNIGHT Monday Last Chance Men's StagAgouraAnonymity - Spiritual Foundation
1:00 A.M. AVAILABLEStood at the Turning Point
2:00 A.M. AVAILABLEPersonal Adventures 
3:00 A.M. We are not AloneThousand OaksLive and Let Live
4:00 A.M. AVAILABLEThe Family Afterward
5:00 A.M. Monday Womans StagSimi ValleyCunning, Baffling, Powerful
6:00 A.M.Visions Morning GroupThousand OaksRigorous Honesty 
7:00 A.M. District 28Ventura CountyTwelve Traditions
8:00 A.M. AA Central OfficeCamarilloLegacies: Recovery . . 
9:00 A.M. Back to the Basics Men's StagVenturaUnity . . .
10:00 A.M. Men's StagSimi ValleyService . . . 
11:00 A.M. Agoura Morning FellowshipAgouraI Am Responsible: 
12:00 NoonFellowship Group 8pm SpeakerWestlake VillageThe Only Requirement 
1:00 P.M. Loving Discussion GroupTradition Workshop Danny GTraditions Workshop
2:00 P.M. Loving Discussion GroupTradition Workshop Danny GTraditions Workshop
3:00 P.M. VC H&IVentura CountyAcceptance
4:00 P.M. Thursday Night Step Study GrpWestlake VillageAttitude of Gratitude 
5:00 P.M. Tuesday night Big Book StudyThousand OaksThe Promises 
6:00 P.M.Saturday Night LiveWestlake VillageA Vision for You
7:00 P.M. 5:45PM Evening ReflectionsSimi ValleyContempt Prior to Investigation
8:00 P.M.  Downtown Young People  Ventura Three Pertinent Ideas: A B & C
9:00 P.M. VisionsThousand OaksFaith without Works is Dead
10:00 P.M. Spiritually Pitted Young PeopleSimi ValleyTenth Step
11:00 P.M. The Calabasas GroupCalabasasEleventh Step
MIDNIGHT 4544 KnuckleheadsVenturaChecking your Ego at the Door
1:00 A.M. The Cross Talk meeting Agoura  Daily Reprieve 
Wreckage of our Past
3:00 A.M. AVAILABLECourage 
4:00 A.M. AVAILABLELet go , Let God 
5:00 A.M. AVAILABLEHumility
6:00 A.M. AVAILABLEComplacency
7:00 A.M. Agoura Morning FellowshipAgouraSpiritual Awakening
8:00 A.M. Tuesday Women's StagSimi ValleyA New Freedom
AA Central Office