2018 Ventura County 40th Annual AA Convention
"I Stood In The Sunlight At Last"

I've Never Had it So Good., Thank God for AA!

AL-ANON Marathon Meetings – Enjoying Life!

Please contact Nicole S. - text to 818-456-9184 or email to sign up to lead a meeting. Every effort will be made to accommodate your choice. Updated sign-up sheets  will be mailed periodically to ISRs.

Time Host       City Topic           
6:00 PM AVAILABLE Alcoholism is a family disease
7:00 PM AVAILABLE Loving others without losing ourselves
8:00 PM AVAILABLE I will have compassion for the alcoholic in my life and for myself
9:00 PM AVAILABLE Keeping the focus on myself
10:00 PM AVAILABLE I am not alone on this journey
11:00 PM AVAILABLE What does "sanity" mean to me?
9:00 AM AVAILABLE God's timing - pay attention or you'll miss the miracles
10:00 AM AVAILABLE Powerless over alcohol,  life is unmanageable
11:00 AM AVAILABLE Surrendering my Alcoholic to a Higher Power
12:00 Noon AVAILABLE How important is it?
1:30 PM Business Meeting All welcome,  please attend
3:00 PM AVAILABLE Confusing love with interference,  redefining our relationships
4:00 PM Saturday Morning Literature Inspired Women's Stag An attitude of gratitude
5:00 PM AVAILABLE Am I having an expectation or am I setting a boundary?
6:00 PM AVAILABLE Let it begin with me
7:00 PM AVAILABLE Detach with love,  not a hatchet
8:00 PM AVAILABLE Just for today I am good enough
9:00 PM AVAILABLE T.H.I.N.K. is it Thoughtful, Honest, Intelligent, Necessary and Kind?
10:00 PM AVAILABLE Problem? Could it be a gift?
11:00PM AVAILABLE Having a spiritual awakening