2019 Ventura County 41st Annual AA Convention
September 6 through 8, 2019

I've Never Had it So Good., Thank God for AA!

AA Committee

Contact Mark with general questions/comments/suggestions about the 2019 convention. 

Mark N  Chairperson:                 aachair@vcaac.org

Jenny W     Co-Chair:                 aacochair@vcaac.org

Pre-Registration information: 

Mary M  Pre-Reg Chair:              pre-registration

If you want something added to links section or if you have comments about the site itself, contact Gail.

Gail R     Webwork:                       webmeister@vcaac.org

For marathon meeting information:

Weston M  Marathon Chair:            marathonman@vcaac.org

Al-Anon Committee

Direct Al-Anon questions to:

Toni R      Chairperson:                             alanonchair@vcaac.org