2018 Ventura County 40th Annual AA Convention
"I Stood In The Sunlight At Last"

I've Never Had it So Good., Thank God for AA!

AA Committee

Contact Daniella with general questions/comments/suggestions about the 2018 convention. 

Daniella P  Chairperson:                 aachair@vcaac.org

Marc N       Co-Chair:                       aacochair@vcaac.org

Pre-Registration information: 

Kathy H     Pre-Reg Chair:               pre-registration

If you want something added to links section or if you have comments about the site itself, contact Chris.

Chris W     Webwork:                       webmeister@vcaac.org

For marathon meeting information:

Weston M  Marathon Chair:            marathonman@vcaac.org

Al-Anon Committee

Direct Al-Anon questions to:

Dani C      Chairperson:                             alanonchair@vcaac.org